All You Need to Know about an Outdoor Sauna

A sauna in your backyard is a spectacular site. Outdoor saunas can be a good initiative when planning how to utilize your yard. The availability of different types of sauna kits has made it possible for any person to own a sauna.

How to install an outdoor sauna.

  1. Choose an area

 When considering an outdoor sauna, it is recommended that one counter check whether that city or town allows for outdoor saunas  or not. Some states do not tolerate outdoor saunas. Also, remember to choose Suitable area that will provide you with all the space you need. You might Need to construct the area and do some wiring. So go for zone that will Allow that will enable you to get the right voltage of about 240V.

  1. Lay the Foundation

The base is critical, the development may affect the drainage system so Watch out! Create a concrete base that will allow for proper drainage. The floor can have mats or ceramic tiles, wall framing follows. Wooden frames are easy to use but can rot with time. However, wood is also easy to relocate so go for pressure treated woods for A firm base .The pressure treated timbers will need to be covered with a vapor barrier and plywood. Cedar frames are then laid down , and they will act as the base plate for the Pre-built panels to slide on the frame is usually 6’44” by 4” by 2”.  Constructing the wall is the most involving part so make sure you follow the Instructions carefully. After the wall build the door and interior/ exterior finishing to your outdoor sauna. The height of the sauna is crucial. The higher sauna, the bigger the sauna heater. You will need to heat up the spaces above. The greatest advised height is 84”.

  1. Wiring

Connect your sauna to a power source. This requires skill so call an expert to do the wiring. Handling of high voltages is quite dangerous. You will need an electrician who will make the wiring, lighting and set up a control box? Mistakes You Should Avoid When Building Outdoor Saunas

* Never go for an infrared sauna kit for your outdoor sauna. They are perfect in the Summer but during the winter they are hectic.

* Always verify your construction with officials. You do not want to build an outdoor Sauna only for it to be illegal or the construction has poor drainage! Determining the size And checking whether it is legal in your town is recommended.

Sauna Kits worth Your Time and Space

  1. Cedar Brooks Outdoor Modular Sauna Kits

The outdoor saunas come with a door, roof, heater, rocks, benches, pre-built panels And other accessories you might need. The walls and ceilings are high technology Courtesy of Groove and Tongue. The venting system of a sauna is to provide steady temperatures, conserve energy and allow air flows. This modular from cedar Brook has an adjustable venting system to give you the best outdoor sauna.

  1. All wood Nordic Spruce Four-person Barrel Sauna

There is a reason why famous people go for this Finnish model. The thing is the barrel is incredibly |comfortable, is spacious to allow up to 4 people, and the Shape provides uniquely heated environment in the sauna. The kit materials include Nordic spruce, bitumen shingles, and the steel is stainless. An electric heater, control panel and a complete manual for the wiring process Accompany every purchase.




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